We built a WordPress Plugin

We didn’t set out to do so, but it happened.

Jeff and I blog about our journey as SaaSpnrs here on the SaaSpnr.io blog and we wanted an automatic way to query our Stripe revenue and show it to our readers so we built a WordPress plugin.

The last thing I wanted to do was to go into the blog each week or month and manually update the numbers. Plus, we didn’t feel like it was authentic.

For example, I only like to look at companies on IndieHackers that are Stripe verified. It’s just a trust thing for me. Good or bad, old or new..you should be showing your true numbers.

So we set out to scratch our own itch and we built ChartNerds.

wordpress plugin

ChartsNerds is a data analytics plugin for online marketers and entrepreneurs that would like to display their Stripe revenue and various other metrics on their website for social proof, self-accountability, and marketing.

wordpress plugin

We thought, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to insert shortcode anywhere on a WordPress site that automagically pulls in your Stripe data and displays it for you.

Jeff and I didn’t have any WordPress development experience and we didn’t have time to learn it either so we went to Upwork to find our developer.

After posting the job and sifting through the profiles we settled on our guy and delivered our project brief to him.

Phase 1

Build us a WordPress plugin that displays Stripe data via shortcodes on any WordPress site and allow it to be customizable.

That was the instructions.

The guy we chose worked pretty quickly and we had our plugin in a matter of 3 weeks. All the bottlenecks on this project was actually caused by just getting the plugin code reviewed by WordPress.

wordpress plugin

After it was approved we were able to finally scratch our own itch and prove out the concept on our own website.

Very, very exciting.

Above is a picture of what the backend settings look like. We matched the font and color of our display to seamlessly integrate with our blog.

For Phase 1 we allowed the following metrics to be pulled and showed for the user:

  • MMR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
  • Monthly Refund Amount
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)
  • User Churn %

Phase 2

We are already under way for our second phase now and that is to include PayPal sales metrics.

We quickly realized that online creators sell a lot of product via PayPal and even some SaaSpnrs have products all built on a recurring PayPal subscription model.

So it only made sense to add that in and it will open us up to a much wider user base.

Another thing we’ll be doing is also adding the ability to show more than one Stripe or PayPal account together on one website.

In our own example, Jackal is already taking revenue but we don’t have a way yet to show it as a separate short code display yet on the SaaSpnr blog.

We need to build that out.

The last piece to Phase 2 is our monetization path.

For a small one time fee we will allow the user to remove the ChartNerd branding and also add additional Stripe and PayPal accounts.

Phase 3 (our most ambitious phase)

In Phase three we’ll be building out an entire WordPress metrics subscription business.

Think ChartMogul, but on the WordPress platform for a much more lower price tag.

We will do this in the next few months or so.

Phase 4

In our very last phase we will be building out the same metrics platform on a Python and React platform and compete directly with the VC funded ChartMoguls, BareMetrics, Profitwells, etc. of the world.

We’ll also keep building out WordPress plugins that scratch our own itch. We hope to have 3-4 by this time next year.

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