This is a list of the current SaaS companies we use to run our business and why.  This list is ever changing but if it’s on our page then we find value in their service and want to share some ❤ for them.

They are SaaSpnrs.


💪🏼 Support Ticketing

We started out with but quickly outgrew them. We love FrontApp because we can take inbound tickets and immediately port them over to Asana for bug tracking. Also like that they have an open API which we plan on using to help us be more efficient with responding to support tickets overall.

📘 Online User Help Manual

Manula at first glance looks like some old software from the 90’s but that’s kind of what we like about it tbh. It’s very straight forward and isn’t buggy at all. Customer can find exactly what they need pretty quickly as it’s organized very well.

🚗 User driven feature roadmaps

We feel Canny is expensive for the simple offering of the application but it’s UI is great and the app works really well and we like how it auto notifies users of our progress against feature adds.

🏆 Affiliate Sales

Can’t say enough about this application. Solid, solid, solid. And in our humble opinion, we feel everyone should be trying to attract influencers or affiliates to evangelize their app