We launch an app today!

It’s been 6 months of grueling development and marketing but we launched our second SaaS app today.

Jeff and I have been working tirelessly to get the app to a point where we could launch our MVP and today was the day.

We haven’t even got the domain linked up to Heroku yet and still pointing people to the app domain on the Heroku server. But it doesn’t matter.

We’ll figure that out later this week. The important thing is we launched.

We had 13 users sign up today for our 14 day FREE trial and if they all convert then that’s around $400-$500 in MRR.

Needless to say, we’re super excited.

One of my favorite things I did today was set up the branding on the customer’s Stripe receipt that goes out with each new billing.

launch an app

What took so long?

Well if you’re an engineer then you know how difficult it can be to get an MVP up and running. This project was no different.

In addition to all of the normal complexities of launching an app, ours was particularly hard because it involved some algorithm work on the back end.

This wasn’t a simple Chrome plugin or an easy bake, email client.

We built an Amazon product repricer.

Able to handle millions of calculations throughout the month for our customers to stay competitive and win the Buy Box when they need it the most.

Why a second SaaS app?

Why not?

And I hope you ask yourself that question a lot because if you don’t, you may never take risks or achieve the freedom you are looking for.

But in all seriousness, we did it because it was strategic of us.

We already had our first SaaS app in the Amazon niche so why not build another one and leverage our existing customer base to add more revenue as we solve more problems for them.

We had a built in email list (we use and love ConvertKit) ready to go to market with and we’re starting 2019 fresh with two solutions for our customers.

What will be different about this app with respect to running it each day?

On our first day we signed up 15 or so new users which is great because we haven’t even made any demo videos or engaged any affiliates.

All we have done so far is set up some help articles and pre-sold the app to our existing customers by teasing it’s launch and talking about our value proposition against competitor A and competitor B.

That being said, this type of solution is a lot more complex than our other app so the daily support could be more significant.

We already received 20+ support questions on the first day. And I was able to clear all of them except for 4.

launch an app

By the way, we use Front for our team inbox and really love them.

We plan on tackling this initial wave of support by being really responsive and using all the feedback to create really in-depth help articles.

We also plan on running webinars as well.

We brought in reinforcements.

This app was so difficult to build that we actually brought in a 3rd equity partner. Another developer.

Jeff worked on all of the front end and his friend and our new business partner built out the backend. His name is Jack and he’s a badass developer.

The first day has been fun because we got to see the trial sign ups rolling in! We had a virtual standup later that night and it was virtual high fives all around.

We had some much fun talking about the launch, the reaction from the first users and all the things that went well.

But more importantly, we were excited about all the work ahead of us too.

Two devs and a marketing guy is a really powerful team and makes the workload seam very attainable.

What’s next?

This week we’ll be rolling out a second roadmap so we can start to capture all of our customer’s feature requests and we’ll continue to fix early bugs, roll out new features and bolster our Facebook Support Group.Here are some longer term goals which we will be blogging about:

Are you getting ready to launch an app?

We want to hear about it below. Please leave a comment below and tell us what your up to or leave us a question your dying to ask.

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