Good copy matters on Google Adwords

Good Copy, Good Copy, Good Copy

One of the cool things you can do with your SaaS company when you have low overhead is to start experimenting with advertising channels.

Depending on when you are reading this article, one of our SaaS applications was earning $26K MRR and we decided to start some spend with Google Adwords.

good copy

We hired a PPC “expert” from Upwork to help us set up our campaigns and then we turned the gas ⛽️ on the ads.

At first is was slow moving.

We saw more spend then we did results, but after a few weeks of tooling, our guy nailed 🔨 down the details and we started to see some results.

The results being clicks and then conversions.

In our case, our customers pay $34 a month and we had about one year of stickiness with them.

In other words, on the averages they stayed with us for about a 12 months and ended up paying around $408 dollars.  Unless they bought a lifetime subscription which we sell from time-to-time, then we got more revenue from then.

Overall, even though the conversions were not mind blowing 🤯, we were solidly ahead of the curve from a financial perspective on the ad spend 💵.

We paid for conversions, and we made money.  That simple. 🙌🏼

Why spend at all on Google Adwords?

If you read our story, we’re the underdog.

We didn’t have money to spend in the first 2.5 years of our SaaS life.  But we do now.

As a matter of fact, we feel like we’re firing on all cylinders.   But we still had a big behemoth of a competitor in the space.

A competitor that was the brand winner in our niche.

We were already peeling off market share by building a better app and a better community around them, but we also wanted to compete out in the open…on the vast Google search landscape 🏜.

We had the money to do so now, so we’re doing it.

Dialing in the good copy

One thing we knew about our biggest competitor is what their customers don’t like about them.

So when we wrote our first Google Adwords campaigns we were sure to put in some of the buzzwords that would resonate with their frustrated customers.

Good copy matters.

First, we hit them on price.

We knew their customer base didn’t like paying $50/month and although I applaud them for getting their price each month and we realized that we too may need to bump ours up as we mature, for now though…we used it as a selling point that we were more affordable.

They also had recently closed their Facebook support group as it became too much for them to handle so we added a little stinger 🐝 of good copy for that as well near the end.

Next we hit them on community.

They have been around for so long that we felt (and so did their customers) that they were a little out of touch.  The two founders hardly showed up anymore to talk to their customers.

So we wrote good copy around that in our google ads.

The 3rd line matters too

Even though we were paying a freelancer to manage our ads for us I checked in on the progress each week.

I wanted to learn as much as possible about the Adwords dashboard in case we ever lost him.

So I dug around a bit.

I tweaked some words here and there.

I selected some search words and took them out of our auction bid.

But then I got a little alert inside the dashboard that I should be taking advantage of the 3rd line in our ads.

So I quickly reviewed our ad sets and sure as shit 💩, we were not taking advantage of our 3rd line.

good copy

So I went back to the drawing board.  What could I ad to these ads that would make them even more relevant?

I poured over all of our competitor ads and all the their pain points and quickly added some more target language for our perspective customers.

I set the copy and went to bed.

The next couple of days went by and I hadn’t checked on the ads at all.  Hell, I didn’t even know if they had passed the re-review from Google.

When I finally checked in a few days later, not only were the ads approved but my conversions jumped up and we had like 10 conversions in a single day.

Holy shit Batman 🦇!

It’s no scientific study but I think the 3rd line works.  Good copy works.  Google Adwords can work.

What are your thoughts?  Have you experimented with Google Adword campaigns?

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